Passing on skills & excellence  through our award winning tennis programme coached by award winning coaches who have excelled to represent the Kenya team internationally and won many tournaments.


Providing inspiration, discipline  skill and confidence  through Martial Arts Training and instilling the tenets of Taekwondo for peace, teaching self defence techniques to promote personal safety by award winning instructors trained locally and abroad, who have mastered the art and won many championships


Providing Soccer training for school teams, community youth groups and individuals. Developing opportunities in youth to pursue lucrative careers in soccer.  

Our players have succeeded to play for major national teams and compete internationally.


ELEVATE YOUTH TALENT (EYT) is a Youth Organization, registered in Kenya. We are devoted to Youth Sports Talent Development in Tennis, Soccer, Taekwondo, Swimming, and physical fitness among the youth both in schools and slums inhabitants.

Our program promote Youth Leadership, Communication and Physical skills; while it enhances health, mental well-being and emotional intelligence.

EYT has worked with several schools in Nairobi, which includes Loreto Convent Musongari, Loreto
Convent Valley Road and Gems Cambridge International School, ST Hannah's School


  • Sports Career Development
  • Health-Fitness Development
  • Sportsmanship Development
  • Social Inter-connectivity
  • Personal & Community Safety
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Discipline & Social Responsibilty

ELEVATE YOUTH TALENT program is integrated with interaction sessions with current Kenyan world famous athletes’ and legendary sports personalities, which aims to fosters sports development and strengthen abilities, uniqueness, authenticity, skills and personal sports virtues/values. It gives the youth the opportunity to learn from the success and the failures of current Champions and legendary Kenyan sports personalities. It exposes areas the Young Sports personalities should look out for which could better or endanger their sports career.

EYT programs are conjoined interactive sessions with  Education Youth Leadership by the UNITED-NATIONS (UN) Dignitaries. These sessions are held at the UN headquarters in Nairobi which endeavours to inspire, motivate, encourage and enlighten our Young Sports-Personalities on the new toolkit for action on how sports can contribute to achieve 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS).

Raising Fun, Fit, Winners - Nurturing Talent !
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Providing swimming lessons to both children and adults, both in schools and privately. Promoting water safety and survival skills and encouraging all round fitness and good health.


Providing fun and fit activities and ice-breakers to group getaways, kids camps, corporate groups, staff retreats, church and chama annual get togethers


Using sports to promote confidence, discipline, positive community engagement among youth in local communities especially targeting marginalized groups, orphans, and youth living in poverty



FOR SWIMMING  & ADMINISTRATION- @- MS. Elizabeth -Tel: +254-720815370

FOR TAEKWONDO & TEAMBULDING - @  - Coach Joshua Tel: -254-704925738

FOR TENNIS & SOCCER - @ - Coach Dennis Tel: +254-789508300/0758780581